Danie Nell

Danie Nell

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I'm delighted you've navigated to this corner of the internet where I share my interest and passions. This site is a curated showcase of my work, experiences, and the passions that drive me. Dive in and explore at your leisure.

About me

I'm Danny, an aspiring Python Developer with a unique background. After over a decade as an Accountant, I shifted to software development, drawn by the dynamic challenges and the versatility of Python. Now in my early 30s, this career change has been one of the most fulfilling decisions of my life.

Combining my finance expertise with new tech skills, I help clients unlock the full potential of their data. From importing data into SQL, to visualizing insights through Excel Power Query and Power BI, and modeling complex scenarios, I create tools that enhance business decision-making. Explore my projects and blog to see the impact of my work.

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